Find holiday villas near towns in Menorca

Holiday villas on Menorca

Holiday villas on Menorca
Holiday villas on Menorca

Villas on Menorca

Menorca is a popular holiday island just off the south east coast of Spain. One of the Baleric Islands, Menorca is a good location for a villa holiday. If Menorca is somewhere you're looking to take a villa holiday, and you know roughly where you'd like to take your villa holiday on Menorca, choose the town on the map above (or from the list of towns on Menorca below), and we'll show you all the villas we feature which are near that town.

  • Alaior - Illes Balears (number of villas 329)
  • Ciutadella - Illes Balears (number of villas 1046)
  • Fornells - Baleares (number of villas 307)
  • Mahon - Illes Balears (number of villas 301)
  • Mercadal - Illes Balears (number of villas 328)
  • Sant Luis - (number of villas 330)
  • Torret - Illes Balears (number of villas 311)