Madalyn House, St-’milion, France

Holidays at Madalyn House, St-’milion, France : Sleeps 12

Madalyn House, St-’milion, France Madalyn House - France

Madalyn House - sleeps 12 in 6 bedrooms

Madalyn House in St-Émilion, France sleeps 12 people. Located between the best vineyards in the Bordeaux region of Southwest France, is Madalyn House. Built-in the 18th century, Madalyn House was originally a winery and historically known as La Madeleine. The exterior of the building is pale bricks with tall windows and light grey shutters. You will feel worlds away from home as you step towards the house for the first time, surrounded by emerald vineyards and open countryside.

The house has been fully renovated and can host up to 12 guests between the main house and the little apartment. The renovation has maintained the features of a traditional home while incorporating modern luxuries, blending comfort and antiques. As you walk into the house, you enter a reception-style area with a sunlit breakfast room to one side. Tall windows let in the morning light as you enjoy a continental breakfast a few steps from your room. A luxury lounge is off the reception area, with plush deep blue velvet sofas, decorated with crystal lamps, ornate mirrors and antique decorations. This space is perfect for you all to come together to plan adventures of the day.

There are four bedrooms within the main house, and two bedrooms in the apartment. Each bed in the bedrooms is either a super king, king or twin bed so there's options for everyone in the family. Each bedroom in the main house has an en suite bathroom with walk-in showers and a separate bath. The bathrooms are filled with modern features and home comfort to make your stay feel effortless, including towel rails, candles, toiletries, bathrobe and slippers. The sinks are unique to each en suite, ranging from tall, stone sinks to round, bucket-shaped sinks.

Some bedrooms have additional seating looking out the windows, proving more space to relax and spread out. Nespresso coffee machines are in every room, making it easy to enjoy a fresh coffee in bed while watching the sun rise.

Surrounding the house outside is a private garden with a long pool offering a cooling break from the hot sun. The garden is a sun trap, which you can make the most of on sun loungers with parasols ready to relieve you from the hot sun. A shaded outdoor seating area with soft cushions is there to relax into, enjoying peaceful moments together.

The local area is filled with unique locations, including St. Emilion, a local medieval village with two thousand years of history found in beautiful medieval architecture and monuments. The owners of the house will ensure you see the best of France. They are happy to organise day trips and suggest where to go to help you plan a fantastic holiday.<

Interior grounds
Ground floor
- Breakfast room
- Living room with double sofa bed
- Kitchen
- Double bedroom with King-size bed and en-suite bathroom

First floor
- Double bedroom with King-size bed and en-suite bathroom
- Double bedroom with King-size bed, sofa and en-suite bathroom
- Double bedroom with King-size bed, convertible sofa bed for a third person and en-suite bathroom with shower and bath

Ground floor
- Living room
- Equipped kitchen

First floor
- Double bedroom
- Bathroom with shower and bath

Second floor
- Double bedroom with sloping ceilings

- Convertible sofa bed
- Desk
- Bathroom amenities
- Nespresso coffee machine
- Iron and ironing board on request
- Flat-screen TV
- Wifi
- Air-conditioning
- Bathrobe and slippers
- Toiletries
- Fully-equipped kitchen
- Washing machine
- Dishwasher
- Books

Outside grounds
- Swimming pool (can be closed with a child-safe cover)
- Outdoor lounge area
- Private garden<

Facilities at Madalyn House

Sleeps 12 people | 6 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms | Private Pool | Child-Safe Pool | Wi-Fi/Internet | Coffee Machine | Safety Deposit Box | Hairdryer | TV | Indoor Games | Heating | Pool | Ideal for Kids

Madalyn House in  France Madalyn House in France

For a better idea of where Madalyn House is, you can see Madalyn House on the map below.

Prices at Madalyn House
Saturday 1 June 2024 for 7 nights: £14178
Saturday 1 June 2024 for 7 nights: £14178
Saturday 8 June 2024 for 7 nights: £14178
Saturday 8 June 2024 for 7 nights: £14178
Saturday 22 June 2024 for 7 nights: £14178
Saturday 22 June 2024 for 7 nights: £14178
Saturday 29 June 2024 for 7 nights: £14178

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Madalyn House - with 6 bedrooms, in France from Oliver's Travels

Madalyn House is a 6 bedroomed villa, which sleeps 12 people. Situated in St-’milion, France, Madalyn House is one of many villas sold through Oliver's Travels. Oliver's Travels have over 1½ thousand villas in France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Cyprus.

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