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There are hundreds of tourist attractions around the UK, of which we're featuring just a handful. Sometimes you'll want to visit a particular attraction because you happen to be in the area, and sometimes you'll stay in the area because of that tourist attraction. And that's where we come in; if you're looking for a holiday cottage near a famous attraction, we aim to bring you a good selection to choose from.

We aim to add to the attractions all the time, so you have a good choice of holiday cottages to select from. Maybe you've got some younger children, and fancy a stay at a holiday park, have a look at the holiday parks near tourist attractions for a selection.

Finally, should you be looking for holiday cottages near a specific attraction, but kind it featured here; please let us know. We're always keen to help you find what you're looking for, send us an email with the destination you'd like included, and we'll do what we can to include it here.

So, without further a-do, choose your attraction from the list below (or from the map above). Good luck with finding your perfect holiday cottage.

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