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The chances are you know where you want to head off too on your cottage holiday - whether you want to stay near great aunty Doreen in Aberdeen, or the children want to spend a day at Alton Towers. So, to help you find a holiday cottage which will suit you, just type in the attraction or town you want to stay near, and we'll show you all the cottages we feature which are in that area.

Just start typing in the box above, and you'll be shown a list of places we have which are available. For example, type in "abe", and you'll be presented with a list of towns and attractions starting with "abe"; Aberaeron, Aberdare, Aberdeen, Aberdeen Airport, Aberdeen Art Gallery.... just type as much as you need to get your destination to appear; select the destination from the drop-down list, and click on "search".

Hopefully this search engine will be of use to you, but if you want to search for your holiday in other ways; maybe you want a cottage with a hot tub, or you only want pet friendly cottages, use the options on your right to search for cottages in other ways...

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You can find cottages near any one of over 10,000 places using the search box above; whether you're looking for a town, a particular attraction, or even a golf holiday - all you need to do is type in the place you want to stay, and we'll show you cottages nearby.