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Villas, like Casa Brilli, near Italy, which sleep 6 people

  • Casa al Vento, Italy

    Casa al Vento, Italy (sleeps 6)

  • ITA640, Italy

    ITA640, Italy (sleeps 6)

  • La Casa Torre, Italy

    La Casa Torre, Italy (sleeps 6)

  • Sangiovese 6, Italy

    Sangiovese 6, Italy (sleeps 6)

  • Il Roseto, Italy

    Il Roseto, Italy (sleeps 6)

  • Casa Bucine, Italy

    Casa Bucine, Italy (sleeps 6)

  • Agriturismo La Ginestra, Italy

    Agriturismo La Ginestra, Italy (sleeps 6)

  • S 1, Italy

    S 1, Italy (sleeps 6)

  • Teodoro 1, Italy

    Teodoro 1, Italy (sleeps 6)

You may have reached this page because you were looking for Casa Brilli. Unfortunately for us, we no longer feature this villas. However all is not lost, there are several holiday villas around this area.

If you're looking for villas holiday in Italy, have a look the holiday villas listed below.

These villas are all within 30 miles of Casa Brilli

If you decide that Casa Brilli is not for you, but you still fancy a holiday villa in this area, have a look at the villas below. All these villas are within 30 miles of Casa Brilli.

Etrusco, Camucia, Cortona - Italy
Name: Etrusco
Code: TA050
Area: Camucia, Cortona - Italy
GLI ARCHI, Camucia, Cortona - Italy
Code: TTA049
Area: Camucia, Cortona - Italy
VILLA FERRANTI, Cortona - Italy
Code: TTA058
Area: Cortona - Italy
Ca de Leli, Mercatale Leoncini - Italy
Name: Ca de Leli
Code: UN231
Area: Mercatale Leoncini - Italy
Colle Campana, Castel Rigone, Umbria - Italy
Name: Colle Campana
Code: 5273
Area: Castel Rigone, Umbria - Italy
Villa Zeffiro, Cortona, Tuscany - Italy
Name: Villa Zeffiro
Code: 6110
Area: Cortona, Tuscany - Italy
Villa Ambrosa, Arezzo - Tuscany
Name: Villa Ambrosa
Code: 9424
Area: Arezzo - Tuscany
Villa Il Pace, Cortona, Arezzo - Tuscany
Name: Villa Il Pace
Code: 9693
Area: Cortona, Arezzo - Tuscany
Villa Alba, Cortona, Arezzo - Tuscany
Name: Villa Alba
Code: 10063
Area: Cortona, Arezzo - Tuscany
Villa Achiaraluna, Castiglione del Lago - Umbria
Name: Villa Achiaraluna
Code: 10166
Area: Castiglione del Lago - Umbria
Villa Fantastica, Cortona, Arezzo - Tuscany
Name: Villa Fantastica
Code: 10724
Area: Cortona, Arezzo - Tuscany
Villa Pergo, Pergo - Italy
Name: Villa Pergo
Code: ITA109
Area: Pergo - Italy
Casa Capoccetta, Umbertide - Italy
Name: Casa Capoccetta
Code: IUP345
Area: Umbertide - Italy
Villa Trequanda, Trequanda - Italy
Name: Villa Trequanda
Code: ITS108
Area: Trequanda - Italy
Teodoro 1, Torrita di Siena - Italy
Name: Teodoro 1
Code: ITS400
Area: Torrita di Siena - Italy
Woodland View, Capolona - Italy
Name: Woodland View
Code: ITA705
Area: Capolona - Italy
Casa Mila, Iarnetella - Italy
Name: Casa Mila
Code: ITS205
Area: Iarnetella - Italy
Porcilaia-Sobborgo Camparboli, Asciano - Italy
Name: Porcilaia-Sobborgo Camparboli
Code: ITS152
Area: Asciano - Italy
Casa Anghiari, Anghiari - Italy
Name: Casa Anghiari
Code: ITA750
Area: Anghiari - Italy
Casa al Vento, Ruscello - Italy
Name: Casa al Vento
Code: ITA650
Area: Ruscello - Italy
ITA640, Castiglion Fiorentino  - Italy
Name: ITA640
Code: ITA640
Area: Castiglion Fiorentino - Italy
La Casa Torre, Cortona - Italy
Name: La Casa Torre
Code: ITA637
Area: Cortona - Italy
Cinque Querci, Foiano della Chiana - Italy
Name: Cinque Querci
Code: ITA617
Area: Foiano della Chiana - Italy
Cesira 2, Vitiano di Rigutino - Italy
Name: Cesira 2
Code: ITA460
Area: Vitiano di Rigutino - Italy
Coldolmo, Cortona - Italy
Name: Coldolmo
Code: ITA463
Area: Cortona - Italy
Luna, Arezzo - Italy
Name: Luna
Code: ITA669
Area: Arezzo - Italy
La Casetta, Montepulciano - Italy
Name: La Casetta
Code: ITS971
Area: Montepulciano - Italy
Casa Bucine, Bucine - Italy
Name: Casa Bucine
Code: ITS349
Area: Bucine - Italy
La Loggetta , Cortona - Italy
Name: La Loggetta
Code: ITA635
Area: Cortona - Italy
Cerira 1, Rigutino - Italy
Name: Cerira 1
Code: ITA459
Area: Rigutino - Italy
Casa Arezzo, Arezzo - Italy
Name: Casa Arezzo
Code: ITA818
Area: Arezzo - Italy
La Torre, Monterchi - Italy
Name: La Torre
Code: ITA259
Area: Monterchi - Italy
Volo, Rapolano Terme - Italy
Name: Volo
Code: ITS438
Area: Rapolano Terme - Italy
Villa Trasimeno, Magione - Italy
Name: Villa Trasimeno
Code: IUT474
Area: Magione - Italy
Il Seccatoio, Cortona - Italy
Name: Il Seccatoio
Code: ITA636
Area: Cortona - Italy
Montecamerini, Rapolano Terme - Italy
Name: Montecamerini
Code: ITS682
Area: Rapolano Terme - Italy
Villa Lucilla, Sinalunga - Italy
Name: Villa Lucilla
Code: ITS552
Area: Sinalunga - Italy
Bucine, Ambra - Italy
Name: Bucine
Code: ITS119
Area: Ambra - Italy
Ca Del Poggio, Castiglion Fiorentino - Italy
Name: Ca Del Poggio
Code: ITA273
Area: Castiglion Fiorentino - Italy
Antica Sorgente, Castiglion Fiorentino - Italy
Name: Antica Sorgente
Code: ITA396
Area: Castiglion Fiorentino - Italy
Casa Montecchi, Subbiano - Italy
Name: Casa Montecchi
Code: ITA376
Area: Subbiano - Italy
Baciano Apartment 1, San Giustino Valderno - Italy
Name: Baciano Apartment 1
Code: ITA206
Area: San Giustino Valderno - Italy
Villa Oliveto, Arezzo - Italy
Name: Villa Oliveto
Code: ITA379
Area: Arezzo - Italy
Teodoro 2, Torrita di Siena  - Italy
Name: Teodoro 2
Code: ITS401
Area: Torrita di Siena - Italy
Emma, Arezzo - Italy
Name: Emma
Code: ITA315
Area: Arezzo - Italy
Capitello, Rigutino - Italy
Name: Capitello
Code: ITA418
Area: Rigutino - Italy
Fienile-Sobborgo Camparboli, Asciano - Italy
Name: Fienile-Sobborgo Camparboli
Code: ITS153
Area: Asciano - Italy
Molino Calderino, Monte Santa Maria Tiberina - Italy
Name: Molino Calderino
Code: IUP359
Area: Monte Santa Maria Tiberina - Italy
Vista Valle, Civitella Val di Chiana - Italy
Name: Vista Valle
Code: ITA208
Area: Civitella Val di Chiana - Italy
Villa Il Fontanicchio, Tuoro Sul Trasimeno - Umbria
Name: Villa Il Fontanicchio
Code: 10804
Area: Tuoro Sul Trasimeno - Umbria
Villa Cretole, Arezzo - Tuscany
Name: Villa Cretole
Code: 10893
Area: Arezzo - Tuscany
Villa Torre Del Cielo, Arezzo - Tuscany
Name: Villa Torre Del Cielo
Code: 10894
Area: Arezzo - Tuscany

Details of Casa Brilli

The Renaissance town of Castiglion Fiorentino is 6 kilometres away and is an impressive sight when approached from any direction. Higher than the Valdichiana plain that it dominates, the town has atmospheric bars on piazzas, open-air restaurants and culture aplenty - the old Gothic church of San Francesco and the Madonna della Consolazione temple are worth a visit.The essentials of banks, chemists and a good variety of food shops are found in Castiglion Fiorentino or in the shopping complexes on the plain underneath. Cortona is another town that seemingly floats high above the Valdichiana plain - literally a jewel of a hill town - without accompanying hordes of tourists.An electric sliding gate reveals the parking area and the 7 steps up to the illuminated garden and pool area with outside shower.The furnished swimming pool measures 12m x 6m and depths of 1m x 2.20. The owner is a passionate gardener hence he tends to the grounds himself.

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