Choose from 24 holiday cottages in Morayshire which sleep 4 people

holiday cottages sleeping 4 people in Morayshire

  • The Shempston Experience - Cottage 2, Morayshire

    The Shempston Experience - Cottage 2, Morayshire (sleeps 4)

  • Craigview Cottage, Morayshire

    Craigview Cottage, Morayshire (sleeps 4)

  • Lakeside Cottage, Morayshire

    Lakeside Cottage, Morayshire (sleeps 4)

  • Seashell Cottage, Morayshire

    Seashell Cottage, Morayshire (sleeps 4)

  • Craigellachie Cottage, Morayshire

    Craigellachie Cottage, Morayshire (sleeps 4)

  • Seaside Haven, Morayshire

    Seaside Haven, Morayshire (sleeps 4)

  • Courtyard Cottage, Morayshire

    Courtyard Cottage, Morayshire (sleeps 4)

  • The Hideaway, Morayshire

    The Hideaway, Morayshire (sleeps 4)

  • The Steading Tower, Morayshire

    The Steading Tower, Morayshire (sleeps 4)

If you're looking for a holiday cottage in Morayshire which sleep 4 people, this is the place for you. We have 24 cottages in Morayshire for you to choose from.

It has to be said that cottages that sleep 4 people are the most popular, so you've got a huge selectionto choose from, all the cottage featured here are those which sleep 4 people. The cottages on this page are all in Morayshire, and you have 24 to choose from - so you should find something to suit your needs!

If you can't find anything to suit your needs here, how about looking for a larger cottage in Morayshire? You can always look for cottages in Morayshire which sleep 5 or sleep 6 people.

Or you can find cottages which sleep 4 people in other counties.