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Villas, like Villa Vanja, near Croatia, which sleep 8 people

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    Villa Elizabetha, Croatia (sleeps 8)

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  • Villa Kasmira, Croatia

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You may have reached this page because you were looking for Villa Vanja. Unfortunately for us, we no longer feature this villas. However all is not lost, there are several holiday villas around this area.

If you're looking for villas holiday in Croatia, have a look the holiday villas listed below.

These villas are all within 30 miles of Villa Vanja

If you decide that Villa Vanja is not for you, but you still fancy a holiday villa in this area, have a look at the villas below. All these villas are within 30 miles of Villa Vanja.

Sutivan Beach House I, Brac - Croatia
Name: Sutivan Beach House I
Code: Sutivan Beach House I
Area: Brac - Croatia
Sutivan Beach House II, Brac - Croatia
Name: Sutivan Beach House II
Code: Sutivan Beach House II
Area: Brac - Croatia
Sutivan Beach House III, Brac - Croatia
Name: Sutivan Beach House III
Code: Sutivan Beach House III
Area: Brac - Croatia
Casa Chessa, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Casa Chessa
Code: Casa Chessa
Area: Dalmatia - Croatia
Villa Fania, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Villa Fania
Code: Villa Fania
Area: Dalmatia - Croatia
Villa Valechka, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Villa Valechka
Code: Villa Valechka
Area: Dalmatia - Croatia
Villa Wendelin, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Villa Wendelin
Code: Villa Wendelin
Area: Dalmatia - Croatia
Villa Zayna, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Villa Zayna
Code: Villa Zayna
Area: Dalmatia - Croatia
Bolodenka, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Bolodenka
Code: Bolodenka
Area: Dalmatia - Croatia
Villa Kamenica, Milna, Brac - Dalmatia
Name: Villa Kamenica
Code: 10897
Area: Milna, Brac - Dalmatia
Villa Harpocrates, Vrboska, Hvar - Dalmatia
Name: Villa Harpocrates
Code: 11966
Area: Vrboska, Hvar - Dalmatia
Villa Milna (CDB480), Milna, Brac - Dalmatian Islands
Name: Villa Milna (CDB480)
Code: 12358
Area: Milna, Brac - Dalmatian Islands
Villa Anna, Splitska - Dalmatia
Name: Villa Anna
Code: 11507
Area: Splitska - Dalmatia
Villa Dino, Splitska - Dalmatia
Name: Villa Dino
Code: 11521
Area: Splitska - Dalmatia
Villa Mantasa, Pucisca - Dalmatia
Name: Villa Mantasa
Code: 11511
Area: Pucisca - Dalmatia
Villa Tin, Splitska - Dalmatia
Name: Villa Tin
Code: 11522
Area: Splitska - Dalmatia
Villa Galapagos, Hvar - Dalmatian Islands
Name: Villa Galapagos
Code: 12600
Area: Hvar - Dalmatian Islands
Villa Pelagos, Hvar - Dalmatian Islands
Name: Villa Pelagos
Code: 12598
Area: Hvar - Dalmatian Islands
Gumonca, Mirca, Brac - Croatia
Name: Gumonca
Code: 5382
Area: Mirca, Brac - Croatia
Villa Enigma, Hvar - Croatia
Name: Villa Enigma
Code: Villa Enigma
Area: Hvar - Croatia
Villa Vala, Brac - Croatia
Name: Villa Vala
Code: Villa Vala
Area: Brac - Croatia
Villa Milna, Brac - Croatia
Name: Villa Milna
Code: Villa Milna
Area: Brac - Croatia
Villa Brazza, Brac - Croatia
Name: Villa Brazza
Code: Villa Brazza
Area: Brac - Croatia
Casa Splitska, Brac - Croatia
Name: Casa Splitska
Code: Casa Splitska
Area: Brac - Croatia
Villaska, Brac - Croatia
Name: Villaska
Code: Villaska
Area: Brac - Croatia
Villa Katarina, Brac - Croatia
Name: Villa Katarina
Code: Villa Katarina
Area: Brac - Croatia
Casa Navitus, Brac - Croatia
Name: Casa Navitus
Code: Casa Navitus
Area: Brac - Croatia
Villa Brattia, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Villa Brattia
Code: Villa Brattia
Area: Dalmatia - Croatia
Villa Karmela, Hvar - Croatia
Name: Villa Karmela
Code: Villa Karmela
Area: Hvar - Croatia
Villa Pharia, Hvar - Croatia
Name: Villa Pharia
Code: Villa Pharia
Area: Hvar - Croatia
Old Town Villa Hvar, Hvar - Croatia
Name: Old Town Villa Hvar
Code: Old Town Villa Hvar
Area: Hvar - Croatia
Maruka, Mirca, Brac, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Maruka
Code: 5379
Area: Mirca, Brac, Dalmatia - Croatia
Mirca, Mirca, Brac, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Mirca
Code: 7248
Area: Mirca, Brac, Dalmatia - Croatia
Liza, Hvar, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Liza
Code: 7256
Area: Hvar, Dalmatia - Croatia
Dane, Hvar, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Dane
Code: 7257
Area: Hvar, Dalmatia - Croatia
Vicina, Milna, Brac, Dalmatia - Croatia
Name: Vicina
Code: 7263
Area: Milna, Brac, Dalmatia - Croatia

Details of Villa Vanja

Villa Vanja in Hvar, Croatia sleeps 8 people. Villa Vanja is a beautiful, relaxed property, location in a tranquil spot on the stunning Hvar island. Situated in a quiet neighbourhood, the villa benefits from peace and privacy so you can truly relax, whilst the location remains close to the city centre and a beautiful beach is just 70m away. Hvar Island is the pearl of the Adriatic and one of the most popular Croatian destinations. As well as being the sunniest island, it boasts crystal-clear seas, historical sites and traditional food!

The villa offers the idealistic ‘home away from home' atmosphere – with relaxed furnishings and styles giving an ease and comfort to all the living spaces. Made of traditional white Croatian stone, with green shutters and light wooden doors, even the outside offers a homely appeal. As you step inside, this homely ambience continues, with the furnishings adopting a traditional fashion throughout. On the ground floor, the kitchen and living room are spacious, with ample room to relax and spend time with your loved ones, as well as enjoy family dinners in the large dining space! There are four double bedrooms within the villa, all boasting comfortable, relaxed atmospheres for your stay. Three of the bedrooms have their own contemporary bathrooms and one of the rooms benefits from a charming, shaded balcony, from which you can enjoy romantic views of the peaceful surroundings.

Stepping outside, the relaxed, homely atmosphere continues, with a charming covered terrace offering space to dine al-fresco, making the most of the Mediterranean lifestyle. There is a tempting private swimming pool perfect for kids and adults alike! The pool illuminates at night so you can enjoy long evenings out on the terrace. With deck chairs available, you can soak up the Mediterranean sunshine, whilst finishing off your favourite book and enjoying a homemade cocktail or two! Villa Vanja offers something for everyone, the perfect family villa to explore this beautiful area of Croatia.

The Villa

Villa Vanja is an 8-bedroom villa, just a stone throws away from the coastline. With its high hedges, this charming villa seems almost cut off from the rest of Dalmatia.

Ground Floor
- Communal bathroom
- Dining & living area
- Fully equipped kitchen

First Floor

- Double bedrooms, with en-suite bathrooms
- Double bedroom

- Private swimming pool, with Roman steps access
- Barbecue grill
- Outdoor dining & furniture
- Private Parking
- Sun loungers