Villa Calasso, Montepulciano, Italy

Holidays at Villa Calasso, Montepulciano, Italy : Sleeps 12

Villa Calasso, Montepulciano, Italy Villa Calasso - Italy

Villa Calasso - sleeps 12 in 6 bedrooms

Villa Calasso in Montepulciano, Italy sleeps 12 people. Originally a monastery right back at the start of the sixteenth century, Villa Calasso went on to become the summer residence for the friars of Monte Oliveto Maggiore. Located in amongst the rolling hills of Siena, Villa Calasso has incredible views across the valley, best enjoyed poolside with a drink in hand!

The property has been beautifully renovated while retaining its original features with beautiful stone floors and curved ceilings. Divided into three apartments the villa offers groups travelling together privacy and plenty of space. Each apartment has its own kitchen and access to the landscaped garden and pool area.

The swimming pool boasts breathtaking panoramic views and is well-equipped with chic sun beds. An al fresco dining area is the perfect spot for socialising where you can get the BBQ blazing and enjoy some fresh local produce.

Villa Calasso is divided into 3 apartments, each with bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen space.

Bucaneve - Sleeps 2
Ground floor
- Kitchenette with fireplace.
- Double bed and bathroom with shower.

- Sleeps 6
Ground floor
- Kitchenette with fireplace.
- Double bedroom.
- Twin bedroom.
- Bathroom with shower.
- Double bedroom with bathroom and shower.

- Sleeps 4
First floor
- Lounge with fireplace.
- Kitchen.
- Double bedroom.
- Twin bedroom.
- Bathroom with shower.

- Swimming pool (6 x 12 m).
- Furnished garden with wood burning oven.
- Wi-fi.
- Satellite TV.
- Covered parking.
- Furnished green area.
- Washing machine.
- Dishwasher.
- Cots and highchairs are available on request.
- Barbecue.

Facilities at Villa Calasso

Sleeps 12 people | 6 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms | Private Pool | Internet | Cable TV | Working Fireplace

For a better idea of where Villa Calasso is, you can see Villa Calasso on the map below.

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Villa Calasso - with 6 bedrooms, in Italy from Oliver's Travels

Villa Calasso is a 6 bedroomed villa, which sleeps 12 people. Situated in Montepulciano, Italy, Villa Calasso is one of many villas sold through Oliver's Travels. Oliver's Travels have over 1½ thousand villas in France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Cyprus.

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