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Cottage Holidays near Cecina, Tuscany/Elba, which sleep 4

Holiday cottages near Olmi Bilo in Cecina, Tuscany/Elba - Italy

Alternatives to Olmi Bilo
You may have reached this page because you were looking for Olmi Bilo. Unfortunately for us, we no longer feature this accommodation. However all is not lost, there are several holiday cottages and villas around this area.
For a better idea of where Olmi Bilo is, you can see Olmi Bilo on the map below.

If you're looking for a cottage or villa holiday in Tuscany/Elba, have a look the holiday villas listed below.

Olmi Bilo on the map

Olmi Bilo on the map= Olmi Bilo on the map     Other cottages near Olmi Bilo= Other cottages near Olmi Bilo

These cottages and villas are near to Olmi Bilo

Pet friendlyphotoCottage NamereferenceSleepsAreaShow me more
IT-50056-034Montelupo Fiorentino - Tuscany/Elbamore »
IT-50056-044Montelupo Fiorentino - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Da Vinci SeiDa Vinci Sei
IT-50059-014Vinci - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Da Vinci TreDa Vinci Tre
IT-50059-024Vinci - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Da Vinci CinqueDa Vinci Cinque
IT-50059-044Vinci - Tuscany/Elbamore »
IT-56030-234Capannoli - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Lo Scricciolo A - GoldLo Scricciolo A - Gold
IT-56040-1334Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina(Montecastelli Pisano) - Tuscany/Elbamore »
IT-55100-544Lucca - Tuscany/Elbamore »
I PoggiazziI Poggiazzi
IT-53035-174Monteriggioni - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Papessa TriloPapessa Trilo
IT-50020-144Tavarnelle Val di Pesa - San Donato - Tuscany/Elbamore »
La ValleLa Valle
IT-50021-054Barberino Val d'Elsa - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Il Pratale PrimoIl Pratale Primo
IT-50028-114Tavarnelle Val di Pesa - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Il Querceto PrimaIl Querceto Prima
IT-50028-134Tavarnelle Val di Pesa - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Il Querceto SecondaIl Querceto Seconda
IT-50028-144Tavarnelle Val di Pesa - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Corte In Poggio DueCorte In Poggio Due
IT-50050-184Cerreto Guidi - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Cinghiale Di CastellinaCinghiale Di Castellina
IT-50050-324Capraia e Limite - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Borgo Cerreto - GiottoBorgo Cerreto - Giotto
IT-50050-364Cerreto Guidi - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Alberi La PergolaAlberi La Pergola
IT-50050-374Montaione - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Rosmarino CantagalloRosmarino Cantagallo
IT-50050-454Capraia e Limite - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Campiano 1Campiano 1
IT-50050-494Montaione - Tuscany/Elbamore »
Campiano 2Campiano 2
IT-50050-504Montaione - Tuscany/Elbamore »

Details of Olmi Bilo

The linked house (40m2, on the ground fl., 2 4 pers.) is pleasantly furnished and very comfortable. It is next to the main building.

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